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Travelling to your C-19 Vaccination Appointment

Travelling to your C-19 Vaccination Appointment

Devon County Council has put together this advice to help people get to their Covid-19 vaccination appointment.

Unfortunately, neither Covid-19 nor Flu vaccinations are supported by NHS patient transport or the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS). As would have been the case with the recent flu vaccinations, the expectation is that patients make their own way to and from the delivery site.

If you are unable to drive yourself or get a lift from a family member, you may be able to use public transport. The Traveline website allows people to check various public transport options to get to each site, as well as a journey planner. We have also put together a summary of bus services serving each location at the bottom of this page.

If you are unable to get a lift or access public transport, or there are no suitable public transport services in your area, you may be able to find transport via the network of voluntary organisations which operate across Devon. All schemes operate differently, and there may be a charge for these services.

Please visit this page to find out more about voluntary transport services which are supporting the vaccination program.

Below is a summary of bus services serving each vaccination delivery location. This information is up to date as of 1April 2021 – more locations may be added as the vaccination roll-out program is developed. Please visit Traveline for timetable and journey planning information.

  • Barnstaple Leisure Centre

    Barnstaple Leisure Centre Stagecoach 5B, 19, 21, 21A, 71, 72, 75, 85, 319 stop close to Barnstaple Leisure Centre. Travelling towards Barnstaple the nearest stop is on Sticklepath Terrace next to the old Shaplands works, approximately 350 metres away . Travelling out of Barnstaple the nearest stop is at the Railway Station approximately 500 metres away. All services in Barnstaple operate to the Bus Station which is approximately 700 metres away.

  • Crediton

    Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Crediton Stagecoach 5, 5A, 5B, 5C stop on Union Road and East Street approximately 800 metres away. Services 347 and 607 operate to Exhibition Road approximately 450 metres away, with a limited service on the 347 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and the 607 on Tuesday and Friday.

  • Cullompton

    Culm Valley Integrated Health Centre, Cullompton Stagecoach 1, 1A on the B3181. Stop is adjacent towards Willand and near St Georges Well towards Cullompton approximately 200 metres away.

  • Dawlish Community Hospital

    Dawlish Community Hospital Country Bus 186 stops on Barton Terrace adjacent. Other services to Dawlish Town Centre approximately 800 metres away.

  • Exminster - Limes Surgery

    Exminster Limes Surgery Stagecoach 2, B, 2B, Stops near the Victory Hall approximately 100 metres away.

  • Exeter - all locations including Greendale

    Exeter Vaccination Centre (Greendale Business Park) Stagecoach 9, 9A have been diverted to stop in Greendale Business park at the Exeter Vaccination Centre.  View a summary of the 9/9A timetable from Exeter Bus Station to Greendale. To view the full 9/9A timetable please click here.
    St Leonards Medical Practice Stagecoach A, H, H1, H2, Green, 2, 4, 4A, 4B, 7, 9, 9A, X38, 39, 56, 57, 58, Nearest bus stops are on Heavitree Road near the Pyramids/Clifton Road approximately 400 metres away.


    Mount Pleasant Health Centre

    Stagecoach P stops in Mount Pleasant Road adjacent to the Health Centre.
    St Thomas Health Centre, Exeter Stagecoach A, E1, E2, 6, 6A, Country Bus 359, 360, Dartline 173 stop on Cowick Street approximately 150 metres away.

  • Exmouth Tennis Centre

    Exmouth Tennis Centre Stagecoach 98, 98A, 99E. Nearest stops are on Withycombe Road near St Johns Church approximately 150 metres away.

  • Holsworthy Medical Practice

    Holsworthy Medical Practice Stagecoach 85 stops on Dobles Lane adjacent to the Medical Centre. Other services to Holsworthy Library or Church approximately 1100 metres away.

  • Newton Abbot

    Newton Abbot Racecourse – from 15th May Stagecoach 2, 7, 13, Country Bus 179, 182, Dartline 184 to  stops outside the Racecourse/Tesco which are approximately 400 metres away.

  • Okehampton Medial Centre

    Okehampton Medical Centre Stagecoach 6, 6, Dartline 118 pass on Exeter Road, Nearest stops are on Exeter Road approximately 300 metres from the Centre. Other bus services to Okehampton Town Centre, approximately 600 metres away.

  • Seaton Hospital

    Seaton Hospital, Valley View Hatch Green 391, 392 stop adjacent on Valley View. Stagecoach 9A, Dartline 20, Axe Valley 885, stop on Harepath Road adjacent to the Medical Practice, approximately 300 metres away.

  • Plymouth & Plympton

    The Staddy, Staddiscombe Plymouth Citybus 5/5A. Stops are adjacent. Tally Ho 49 also passes close by on Goosewell Road (limited service).
    Plympton Health Centre Plymouth Citybus 20A, 21, 21A, Stagecoach 19, 52, Oakleys 59. Stops are adjacent on Mudge Way, approximately 100 metres away.
    Glenside Surgery, Plympton Plymouth Citybus services 20, 20A, 21, 21A and Oakleys Coaches service 59, stop on Glen Road next to the Surgery/Lord Louis pub approximately 100 metres away.
    Plymouth Pavilions All services to Royal Parade and approximately 750 metres walk. Some services also stop on Western Approach or Union Street closer to the Pavilions.

  • Tavistock (Abbey Surgery)

    Abbey Surgery, Tavistock Surgery is adjacent to Tavistock Bus Station. All services to Tavistock use the Bus Station approximately 100 metres away.

  • Tiverton

    Moorhayes Community Centre, Tiverton Dartline services 343, 348, 349 stop near Tesco Express on Lea Road approximately 150 metres away. Stagecoach services 55, 55A also serve the stops in the evening and on Sunday.

  • Torquay

    English Riviera Centre, Torquay Stagecoach 12, 22, Gold. Nearest stops are on Torbay Road for 12 and Gold, or Belgrave Road for 22.

  • Totnes (Follaton House)

    Follaton House (from 6th April 2021) Country Bus 167 stops on Plymouth Road approximately 250 metres away. Bob the Bus B2 operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and stops at Follaton Oak, in the Follaton House site.