Instructor training organisation

Instructor training organisation

Devon County Council is an Instructor Training Organisation (ITO) and we are currently offering free membership, To join:

  1. Go to and affiliate yourself to the Devon County Council ITO
  2. Please email us with ‘Join Devon ITO’ in the subject line and include the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your address and postcode
  • Your phone number
  • Your NSI number
  • The name of the ITO you were trained by

We will send a confirmation email within 28 days. If you do not receive this please email us.

The Department for Transport officially recognises us as an ITO, saying that: “Devon County Council is a provider of high quality cycling instructor training”. We have been a recognised provider of high quality Bikeability Instructors since 2008. Our instructors have taught thousands of children across England to ride safely and inspire them to cycle more.

We reserve the right to reject applications or cancel membership. Terms and conditions of membership may change and members will be contacted in advance.

If you wish to leave our ITO, please email us with ‘Unsubscribe ITO’ in the subject heading.