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Devon e-cycle extension project

Devon e-cycle extension project

E-cycles can help residents in Devon make more everyday journeys by cycle and access more of Devon’s 150 miles of traffic-free leisure trails, contributing to our communities becoming healthier, greener and cleaner. However, only 7% of people in the UK say they would like to try an e-bike in the future[1].

The Devon E-cycle Extension project aimed to raise awareness and increase the uptake of e-cycling in Devon[2]. It was funded by the E-cycle Extension Fund from the Department for Transport.

The project had 5 different elements:

1. Expansion of the Co Bikes dockless stations in Exeter

Co Bikes is the on demand electric bike hire in Exeter. Dockless stations enable Co Bike users to start and end their journey at a ‘virtual dock’ consisting of a geo-fenced cycle parking stand. Installing more dockless stations allowed us to expand the Co Bikes network more quickly and test new locations before putting in more permanent stations.

Find the current Co Bikes stations on the Co Bikes website.

2. Police and Health Centre e-cycle scheme in Exeter

This element of the project enabled staff from Devon and Cornwall Police and selected health centres to trial the use of a Co Bike for their patrols and patient visits.

By creating a shared resource for use by locally stationed staff, we aimed to demonstrate the value of e-cycles for everyday journeys, increase the number of local journeys completed on cycles and increase physical activity levels of staff.

3. E-cycle confidence sessions

We worked with e-cycle hire shops across the county, as well as Co Bikes in Exeter and Cranbrook to allow residents to build their confidence in riding an e-cycle.

These FREE 2 hour, 1:1 sessions with a qualified instructor helped people build their confidence in cycling on an e-cycle and get tailored cycling tips and advice.

4. Targeted e-cycle ‘taster ticket’ scheme

This element aimed to increase the uptake of e-cycling in Devon by offering residents in targeted areas an e-cycle ‘taster ticket’. These taster tickets allowed targeted residents to give e-cycling a go for free.

5. Adapted e-cycle sessions

We worked with Freetrike Rehab Cycling and offered free 2 hour adapted e-cycle sessions to residents in Devon who cannot ride a standard e-cycle.

You can find out more about Freetrike’s outreach service using their website contact form.

More information

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[2] Excluding Plymouth and Torbay