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We will provide, on application, a Companion Bus Pass to applicants of secondary school age or above who have a severe disability and are only able to access local bus services with the assistance of a travelling companion.

The Devon Companion Bus Pass provides free travel for one person travelling with the disabled person when they are using their National Bus Pass in the Devon County Council area.

There is a separate application form for the Devon Companion Pass. You need to provide one of the following items to support a Companion Bus Pass application:

  • Disability Living Allowance with the higher rate mobility component together with middle or higher rate care component.
  • Letter on headed paper from a medical professional confirming a specified medical condition that prevents independent travel; such as uncontrolled epilepsy or severe mental disorder.
  • Letter from Children’s or Adult Services confirming registration as blind or registered with a learning disability.
  • War pension with mobility supplement award letter.
  • Personal Independence Payment scoring points in both the mobility activities and the daily living activities. A combination of two or more of the following:
    • 8 points for ‘moving around’
    • 12 points for ‘planning and following journeys’
    • 8 points for ‘communicating verbally’
    • 8 points for ‘reading and understanding signs, symbols and words’
    • 8 points for ‘engaging with other people face to face’

The Devon Companion Bus Pass is a discretionary enhancement to the statutory scheme and wholly funded by Devon County Council. The Devon Companion Bus Pass may not be used outside of the Devon County Council area. For further information or to request an application form please contact us.