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Complete your cycle confidence session on an electric bike (e-cycle)!

We are working with various e-cycle hire shops across the county and Co Bikes to allow you to build your confidence in riding an e-cycle.

What’s on offer?

Exeter and Cranbrook

If you don’t already have a Co Bikes membership and you would like to complete your e-cycle confidence in Exeter or Cranbrook using a Co Bike*, you are eligible for a voucher enabling you to hire a Co Bike for FREE.

Co Bikes can be hired from any of the Co Bike stations in Exeter and Cranbrook.


Across the rest of the county, you can hire an e-cycle for FREE at one of the participating e-cycle hire shops to do your e-cycle confidence session.

Using your own e-cycle

If you would like to complete your session on your own e-cycle, please make sure it complies with National Government rules for e-cycles.

How to book your e-cycle confidence session

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out our online booking form and select if you would like to complete your session on a hired e-cycle, Co Bike or whether you would like to use your own e-cycle. Our cycle training provider will be in touch with you to arrange your session and issue you a voucher code to hire a Co Bike or other e-cycle.
  1. Arrange your e-cycle:
    1. In Exeter and Cranbrook: Register a customer account using the Nextbike app (FREE) and apply the voucher code. Please find further instructions on the Co Bikes website.
    2. In the rest of Devon*: Contact your nearest participating e-cycle hire shop (please see table below) to arrange e-cycle hire for your session and give the hire shop your voucher code.
  2. Hire your e-cycle on the day and enjoy your e-cycle confidence session!

Participating e-cycle hire shops


If you have any queries about our e-cycle confidence sessions, contact Travel Devon at traveldevon@devon.gov.uk.


  • The e-cycle hire is free to you for the duration of the cycle confidence session and dependent on availability at the e-cycle hire shop
  • You will be responsible for making hire arrangements with the e-cycle hire shop to ensure an e-bike is available for rental during the session, and liaising with your designated instructor about any issues that might prevent you from completing your cycle confidence session
  • E-cycle hire terms and conditions from your selected e-cycle hire shop will apply