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Notice of Intent to Prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and Schemes June 2021

On 21st June 2021. Devon County Council gave approval to proceed with the development of an Enhanced Partnership. The commencement of this is confirmed through this notice of the intention to prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and accompanying Enhanced Partnership Schemes, as required and set out in section 138F of the Transport Act 2000.

Further information

In March, the government announced a new National Bus Strategy Bus back better – GOV.UK ( Alongside the delivery of this strategy, there is an expectation that local transport authorities work towards forming “Enhanced Partnerships”  with their local bus operators by April 2022. This will also include the development of a Bus Service Improvement Plan.

What does this mean?

An Enhanced Partnership is an agreement between a local authority and local bus operators to work together to improve local bus services. It includes a clear vision of the improvements that the partnership is aiming for and accompanying actions to achieve them. The local authority has formal responsibility to form the partnership. They can only proceed with proposals if they have the support and input of local bus operators.

This is a high-level strategic document put together by the local authority and the operators, to include:

  • The current situation for local bus services
  • Proposals for improvement
    • how will we improve the quality and effectiveness of local bus services?
    • integration with other modes
  • How we will work with neighbouring authorities
  • Views of passengers and third parties
  • How we will measure success – (including data)

Full details of the documents, including the Bus Services Improvement Plan, will be published on this website in due course.  Key stakeholders and member of the public will also be invited (through a formal consultation process) to comment on the proposed plan.  Should you have any questions regarding this please contact: