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Accepting your grant

Accepting your grant

An email, will be sent to organisations monthly, advising you if your expression of interest application has been approved. If your expression of interest application is successful the email will provide details of what to do next, the amount of grant funding approved, the conditions of the grant and performance monitoring criteria.

If the organisation is able to meet these conditions they will need to accept them, via return email, as soon as possible. The funding will only be available for release once written acceptance has been received.

In the first instance, applicants should pay the total invoice(s) for the goods received/services provided and then submit the following to Devon County Council:

  • Evidence of the payments made (i.e. original paid invoice)
  • A second, separate, invoice to the Council (i.e. this is the invoice from the organisation to Devon County Council and for the funding amount agreed)

Payment of the grant will be released upon written request (i.e. once the council has received the invoice) and will usually be made in arrears.

Organisations should be able to demonstrate that the grant conditions have been complied with.

Performance review

Organisations will be advised of performance review conditions as part of the notification email. Organisations should therefore ensure that proper records are kept to measure the targets.

Future Grant Awards

An indication of future funding by the Council will be provided with the grant offer email. It is stressed that approval of a grant does not guarantee any future commitment by the Council.