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Cycle training


Devon County Council has trained over 76,000 children (up to August 2019) since the launch of the National Standard for cycle training in 2007.

We are committed to offering high-quality cycle training to the National Standard for all age groups and all levels of ability. Our aim is to get more people cycling, more safely, more often.

We have the following Bikeability courses on offer to children and adults.

Free courses
CourseTarget groupCourse content
Level 1School Years 3 and 4 & aboveBasic cycle skills in an off-road area
Level 1 &  2 CombinedSchool Years 5 and 6Real cycling experience on quiet roads
Level 3School Year 7+Skills on more challenging roads and traffic situations
BalanceReception, years 1 and 2Basic balance, bike handling and awareness skills
Learn to rideSchool Year 3  and aboveLearn how to ride a bike for the first time
Cycle confidenceAdultsBrush up on your cycling skills and build your confidence

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