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Why Motorbike?

There’s plenty of good reasons why you should consider getting on a motorcycle or scooter as an alternative to car driving.

For example, bikes can be quicker through the queues and lower powered machines have lower fuel consumption than other powered vehicles so can be cheaper to run.

The advantages don’t stop there, they help reduce congestion, have fewer emissions, reduce wear and tear to the road surface and are an excellent alternative form of transport in more rural areas where public transport is limited and cycling or walking is not an option.

Top tips

Whether you already ride or are thinking of getting started, here are some simple tips on how to stay safe on your motorbike or scooter:

  • Improve your skills with videos clips on riding techniques for different conditions and tips and advice on bike maintenance. Visit THINK!
  • Report a fault. Motorcycles and scooters are more susceptible to defective road surfaces. Use the See it, Report it online reporting facility on the Max Rider website.
  • Get a CRASH Card. CRASH Card is a programme in which motorcyclists place a free card, containing their medical and contact information inside their crash helmet. Visit
  • If you are thinking of getting started, Devon Wheels to Work can help. They provide access to two-wheeled transport to people living in Devon. Scooters and motorbikes are available on a weekly loan basis to help you access employment, education and training.
  • Devon Wheels to Work also offer a ‘Ride 2 Buy Scheme’ to allow customers to purchase their loan bike after a 12 month period. Visit