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If you can’t walk, cycle, use the bus or travel by train to work, there are still ways you can travel sustainably by car.rrcF0y14F1D5oPsVkTQuYcGUfgTQmy65QxH__sp0TdA,l9lX9xMJ5Ow85sSWuhj-38ZfOeDt9SY780PuAKb6jbQ

  • Consider signing up to Carshare Devon to find a car share partner to share a regular journey you make.
  • Use one of the three Park and Ride sites in Exeter to break up your journey.
  • Think about trying our Park and Cycle spaces in Exeter.
  • Think about trying Park and Change.
  • Think about getting a motorcycle. Find out more about the benefits of motorcycling.
  • Learn about how you could make your driving style more eco-friendly by watching our eco driving film.

Promoting sustainable travel at your workplace

How can your workplace encourage low carbon commuting?

The Travel Devon Toolkit is full of practical tips and tools to help encourage sustainable and active travel at your workplace.

Whether you’re looking to get more colleagues walking to work, using public transport for part of their journey, or understanding how better driving practices can positively impact our environment, there are plenty of resources available.

Simply register your organisation to gain access to our Travel Audit, Travel Survey and Toolkits.

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