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Fare Cars

Fare Cars

What is a Fare Car?

Fare Car is a shared public transport service operated by Private Hire cars. This enables passengers to book and pay separately but share the advertised timetabled journeys. The fare charged is slightly above the normal bus fare for the distance travelled. Fare Car is not a subsidised individual taxi service for people to use whenever and wherever they wish.

Fare Car is operated by local taxi operators by formal agreement with Devon County Council.

Who can use a Fare Car?

Fare Car is available to passengers of all ages, regardless of whether or not they live in the area it operates.

How do I use a Fare Car?

To use Fare Car you need to book in advance with the taxi company operating the service, normally with 24 hours notice.

Where can I travel to?

There are several Fare Car schemes operating in selected areas of Devon. Each scheme covers a designated rural area and serves specific points in the nearest main town e.g. supermarket, hospital, leisure centre. To find out where your nearest scheme is please look at the table below, and click on the link to view further information about each service.

If you have any comments or questions about Fare Cars, or require a printed or alternative format of the leaflet, please contact:


Tel: 0345 155 1015

Fare Car Fare Car details
 F7_logo F7 Fare Car from Bigbury, Challaborough and Ugborough areas into/from Lee Mill, Ivybridge and Modbury
F17 logo F17 Fare Car from Bigbury, Kingston, Challaborough, Ringmore and St Ann’s Chapel to Kingsbridge