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Devon BUS Forum

Devon BUS Forum

The Devon BUS (Bus User and Stakeholder) Forum was set up in 2023, and is linked to the formation of our Enhanced Partnership

The forum meets a minimum of three times each year, and acts as an informal body to consider current issues and opportunities relating to all aspects of bus services across the Devon County Council (DCC) administrative area.   The forum will represent the views of bus users and stakeholders across the county and provide a united voice through the invited representatives. 

Membership to the forum is by invitation only and meetings are not open to members of the public.  The terms of reference for the group can be viewed here: Devon BUS Forum Terms of Reference

A summary of each meeting (from October 2023) will be published on this website when available. If your organisation would be interested in joining the forum, please email us for more information.

Summary of Devon BUS Forum 12.10.23


DevonBus Passenger Charter

The DevonBus Passenger Charter has been designed to improve bus services across Devon in partnership with local bus operators, bus users and other stakeholders. It covers all local bus services in Devon, including commercial services and those services which are supported through funding by Devon County Council (DCC).

The Charter outlines commitments by both bus operators and the local transport authority (Devon County Council) as well as expectations from bus passengers.

It will be managed and reviewed by the DevonBus Enhanced Partnership Board and the Devon Bus Users and Stakeholders (BUS) group on an annual basis. This Charter does not create a legal relationship but does set out an expectation that certain standards are met, as well as signposting who to contact when things go wrong.

DevonBus Passenger Satisfaction Survey

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