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Bus pass renewals

Bus pass renewals

Passes expiring in 2022

We are expecting a high volume of emails over the next few months. When contacting us, please include:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Number on your current bus pass

This will make it much easier for our team to find your record and to be able to assist you promptly. The more information you give us enables us to find your pass history and respond with accurate advice where required. In most cases we can simply renew a pass without any further actions required. The most we are going to ask for is a new photo.

If your pass is one that is not going to be renewed automatically and you do not need it right away, please only request your new pass when you are likely to use it.  In most cases a new pass can be issued in seven working days.



Older person’s passes

Older person’s passes are issued for a period of 5 years and are renewed automatically as long as we can see that they have been used in the 12 months before expiry. If you pass does not register on the card reader on the bus, we won’t know the pass is being used. Please bear this in mind if you are using your pass exclusively in London or the pass is broken and is not registering when presented to the card reader.

You should receive your new pass approximately 14 days before your current pass is due to expire. If your pass expires within 10 days and you have not heard from us or received your new pass please contact us immediately.

We rely on the addresses we hold for pass holders being up-to-date. To make sure that you receive your new pass, please remember to tell us if you move house.

Disabled person’s passes

Passes that have been issued based on a disability are generally also issued for a period of 5 years but this can vary depending on the type of disability and the proof that has been supplied.

If you hold a disabled person’s pass and have used the pass in the previous 12 months, you will receive a renewal letter approximately three months before expiry. This letter will explain whether your pass will be renewed automatically or whether you will need to provide us with some more information.

We rely on the address we hold for pass holders being up-to-date. To make sure that you receive your renewal letter, please remember to tell us if you move house.

Prior to the renewal of your pass, checks will be undertaken against the social care system to check that your eligibility is still valid. Up-to-date proof of your continuing eligibility may be requested.

Passes that are damaged and have therefore not been scanned on a bus or passes which have only been used in London will not be automatically renewed. If either of these scenarios applies to your pass please contact us at least one month before your pass is due to expire.

You may find that leading up to the renewal of your pass, we contact you to update the photograph on your pass. Please do not ignore our request. We only ask where the current photograph is of poor quality or does not appear to look age-appropriate.

If you do not respond to our request for a new photograph your pass will not be renewed.