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DFT Bus Funding Consultation 20/21

DFT Bus Funding Consultation 20/21

New Funding for Supported Bus Services 2020/2021 – AN UPDATE 16th June 2020

The Government are making available some new funding to enable local authorities to increase their support for bus services. In April we ran a public consultation to help us use this funding in the best possible way. The information on this page explains what the Government are doing and what they expect of us. However, since we mapped out our aspirations, the coronavirus crisis has intervened and bus services have been seriously affected, with passenger numbers down by as much as 95%.

Although services are now recovering, our bus companies took a very significant financial hit. This has been mitigated by Government financial assistance, but we can’t foresee how long services might take to recover, nor do we know how long the extra Government assistance might last.

In this situation, Government have approved us taking up their option of using the new funding to support existing services through the coming period of financial uncertainty. The intention therefore is to postpone the programme of service improvements until we know the long term funding position from central Government and the future stability of the bus network. As matters improve we will revisit our original plans.

Information below on our original proposals, submitted prior to the Coronavirus crisis:

Click here to view background information on the government rationale behind the proposals DCC have made

Click here to view DCC’s proposed changes to Bus Services.

THE CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED.  Thank you to those of you who submitted comments.