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DFT Bus Funding Consultation 20/21

DFT Bus Funding Consultation 20/21

New Funding for Supported Bus Services 2020/2021 – AN UPDATE 29th October 2021

The Government made available some new funding to enable local authorities to increase their support for bus services. In April 2020 we ran a public consultation to help us use this funding in the best possible way. However, since we mapped out our aspirations, the coronavirus crisis intervened and bus services were seriously affected, with passenger numbers down by as much as 95%.

In this situation, Government approved us taking up their option of keeping the new funding to potentially support existing services through the period of financial uncertainty. We therefore postponed the programme of service improvements.

Now that matters are improving we have partially reinstated the programme and are required by Government to publish details: New Funding as of 29.10.21

Information below on our original proposals, submitted prior to the Coronavirus crisis:

Click here to view background information on the government rationale behind the proposals DCC have made

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