New Funding for Supported Bus Services 2020/2021

The Government are making available some new funding to enable local authorities to increase their support for bus services. We are running a public consultation to help us use this funding in the best possible way. To help you respond, we need first to explain what the Government are doing and what they expect of us. We then go on to outline our considerations so far. Please read all the information we’ve provided and if you choose to respond, we look forward to hearing from you.  

PLEASE NOTE: We are very much aware that the implementation of these plans could be severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but at the time of writing the Department for Transport have confirmed that the submission deadline still stands. We are therefore having to continue with the preparation process.  

Click here to view background information on the government rationale behind the proposals DCC have made

Click here to view DCC’s proposed changes to Bus Services.


The deadline to provide feedback on these proposals was Friday 24th April 2020. Thank you to those of you who submitted comments.