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RTI Frequently Asked Questions

RTI Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Time Information?

The primary function of the Real Time Information (RTI) system is to display when a bus is due to arrive at a bus stop, allowing you plan your journey more accurately.

How does RTI work?

Live bus movements are provided to the RTI server by the buses intelligent ticket machine. This data is then used to provide real time bus predictions for bus stops via on-street displays or our app.

RTI system provides you with a countdown of live predictions of when the bus is expected to arrive. It is shown in the format of “XX mins” and will display “DUE” when the bus is arriving at the stop, allowing you to plan your journey with confidence.

What happens when there are no Real Time predictions available for my bus?

In the event that data from a bus stops being provided to the RTI server (e.g. faulty ticket machine or network coverage lost), scheduled times will be displayed for that bus, until the fault has been resolved. The scheduled times are displayed in the 24 hour clock format.

Devon’s bus operators provide the scheduled data to Devon County Council and these are upload into the RTI system.

Do all bus stops provide RTPI?

Devon has thousands of bus stops. Unfortunately, due to funding limitations Devon County Council cannot install on-street RTI displays at all of the bus stops. Devon County Council has installed RTI displays at key bus stops.

How does the council know if a display is faulty?

The RTI back office constantly monitors the health status of the displays. When a display has lost communications or complete power the system provider is alerted through a fault management system.

If you notice anything wrong with one of our displays please email devonbus@devon.gov.uk