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Female cycling with two young children

  • Bikeability Family helps people living in the same household to cycle together.
  • These sessions are designed to give parents and carers skills and tips to cycle safely with their children.
  • Each session is tailored to the skill level and goals of the group.
  • The Bikeability Instructor will work with you to decide where to ride.. This will be based on your family group’s skill level or other goals e.g. riding with your children to school or to the park.
  • Our qualified Bikeability instructors are now able to offer FREE Bikeabilty Family sessions to 50 families in Devon (excluding Plymouth & Torbay).
  • When you have completed the sessions please Tell us how we did!

Request your Bikeability Family cycle session by completing this online form.


  • Requirements

    • You must live in Devon (excluding the unitary areas of Plymouth or Torbay).
    • The Bikeability Family cycle sessions are open to family groups of between two and six people who must be from the same household.
    • Your family group must include children and at least one member of your family group must be aged 18+. For the rest of the family group, there is no minimum or maximum age limit.
    • Everyone must be able to ride a cycle continuously for several minutes (without stabilisers and wobbling!).
    • At the end of your cycle training, your instructor will ask you to complete our brief feedback survey.

  • Aims

    • Our Bikeability Family cycle sessions help parents, carers and their children to build the skills and confidence to cycle together.
    • The instructor will help everyone in the group and provide specific advice to help parents & carers support their children to cycle.
    • You will follow routes that are appropriate for groups with children. At the beginning of the first session, your instructor will assess the group’s cycling ability and suggest areas where you need support.

    We can help with:

    • General on-road cycling skills such as road positioning, how to manage junctions and the Highway Code.
    • Support with specific situations where you don’t feel confident.
    • Finding the best routes to places you visit regularly/want to cycle to.
    • By the end of the course, at least one adult in the family group should have demonstrated the Bikeability Level 2 criteria.
    • You should be able to plan group rides and help others develop their cycling skills and confidence.

  • Where do the Bikeability Family cycle sessions take place?

    • The Bikeability Instructor will work with you to decide where to ride. This will be based on your family group’s skill level or other goals e.g. riding with your children to school or to the park
    • Prior to your first session, your instructor will ask you to identify the start and end point for an on-road cycle journey (as well as any places you’d like to include on the route).
    • The instructor will review and risk assess your route and provide you with feedback at your first session.
    • They will suggest alternative routes where appropriate and will aim to include the most useful local infrastructure for on-road cycle training.
    • Your second session will include cycling your planned route with your instructor.

  • What do we need to bring to the sessions?

    • You will all need a roadworthy bike, helmet, a drink and suitable clothing for the weather that day.
    • You will be outside for 1 -2 hours and the lesson will usually involve a mixture of gentle riding and standing still.
    • So wrap up warm on cold days (gloves are recommended). On warmer/sunny days bring water, sun cream etc.
    • Make sure everyone has any medication that they need with them (e.g. inhaler, Epipen).
    • Let the instructor know about any relevant health issues on the booking form and again at the start of the session.
    • Don’t forget everyone will need a bicycle and must wear a cycle helmet.

  • What do I need to do before the first session?

    We advise the adults to look through the following online resources.

    Bikeability – Parents Handbook

    Be Prepared – Bikeability website

    Family Cycling – Bikeability website

    Bikeability – simple bike check

    Your children can get involved too, with the downloadable Just for Fun! pack on the Bikeability website. It’s full of cycling themed challenges, puzzles, poetry, games, maths and facts!

    You will also need to check that your bikes are in a roadworthy condition and that your helmets fit correctly. If you have any doubt about the condition of your cycle, you should seek advice from a professional cycle mechanic

  • Where can I find more information on cycling and cycle training in Devon?

    Visit for interactive cycle maps and routes and cycle training for children and adults.

  • What happens next?

    When you have submitted your form the Bikeability Provider will be in touch to confirm your form has been received. They will also let you know the name and contact details of your instructor. E-mail our Bikeability provider if you have any questions.

  • Tell us how we did!

    Please complete our short feedback questionnaire. Thank you!

  • Covid-19

    • We would like to reassure you that we will take every necessary precaution to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to our instructors and our clients.
    • Our instructors will only deliver if they are well and are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. They will follow Government guidance regarding social distancing. We ask the same of every person taking part in cycle training.
    • Let your instructor know if you would like to see the new risk assessment and processes that are now in place.